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Selecting a Recruiter

Selecting a recruiter both for employers and candidates is as important as selecting a doctor or lawyer. Three of the more common fallacies about recruiters are:

  1. One is pretty much as good as the other
  2. The more you have working for or with you - the better
  3. Recruiters share the same database

These are not true!

Can you imagine picking a doctor with an average reputation for major surgery? The answer is no! My wife was recently faced with having hip surgery. She did not seek the names of average hip surgeons -- she ask a few people she trusted for the names of the best in the area with very specific expertise in solving her problem. Can you imagine contacting five attorneys to handle a sensitive estate issue? Or, letting three surgeons conduct a precarious surgery on your child or spouse? Of course you would not! Search and recruitment professionals do not share their databases. They have very proprietary professional networks with which they have deep intimacy. If you do not believe it, then find a top recruiter and ask if they share their contact lists and industry experience with other recruiters. Search and recruitment professionals possess disparate personalities, values, skills, experience levels and aspirations. They are not all the same! Can you imagine picking a foot doctor to perform heart surgery? A domestic relations attorney to handle a criminal case? Or a doctor or lawyer that you do not trust? Of course not! The best search and recruitment professionals and their companies almost always have well defined areas of specialization by industry, professional discipline, and geographic area. The “best of the best” also act and behave with impeccable integrity in all matters at all times.

Identifying, hiring, and retaining top talent is an intricate process that requires focus, energy, skill, and experience. Whether you are an employer seeking top talent or a candidate seeking a new opportunity, make sure to pick a search and recruitment professional that fits your goals, values, industry, and experience base.

For companies seeking a search and recruitment professional to assist in the identification and attraction of top talent, we strongly recommend:

  1. Identify and select one recruiter who possesses the demonstrated skill and ability to fill your position consistent with your expectations of Quality, Speed, and Integrity.
  2. Make sure this one person will represent your company consistent with your values of integrity and honesty.
  3. Consider asking for a reference list and speaking with other employers who have worked intimately with the recruiter before engaging him or her.
  4. Chemistry is important! The recruiter you select first and foremost should be someone (in and with) whom and you trust and are comfortable sharing sensitive information.

For top candidates seeking a partner to identify a next position or seek career counsel, we strongly recommend:

  1. Work with one recruiter.
  2. Pick a recruiter with whom you have good chemistry. One that possesses common industry, professional, or geographic location experience, as well as a good reputation with companies and other candidates.
  3. Always be honest and cooperate with the recruiter.
  4. Be prepared to work with him or her closely to develop a career develop plan.
  5. Do not hesitate to inquire directly as to what role he or she plans to take in your career development.
  6. If you sense the recruiter is not going to take a pro-active role in your career development, then do not hesitate to ask for recommendations or advise for alternative strategies.
  7. If you sense a recruiter is not leveling with you or representing your best interests, then do not work with him/her.
  8. Do not hesitate to ask the recruiter for the names of other candidates that he / she has placed recently. Contact these folks and find out about the recruiters style, integrity, professionalism, and professional standing.

Thanks for visiting our MRC Staffing Solutions website and please feel free to contact me or one of our team members to learn more about how we identify, attract, and “right fit” top talent with career opportunities.

George A. Plotner, President