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Resignation Tips

Be positive, upbeat and forward looking.

Make sure to let colleagues -- especially those with whom you work most closely -- know of your decision prior to your resignation meeting with your boss. News of your resignation will likely travel quite fast and by letting your peers know prior to your resignation meeting, you will avoid potential hard feelings that sometimes occur by folks learning of your departure through sources other than you.

This real actual short story will illustrate this point. A manufacturing director resigned his position after 5 years service -- not giving a second thought to how his decision would effect others with whom he had worked closely and developed strong relationships. Upon being notified of the director’s resignation, his boss immediately advised his work team who were really hurt because he did not let them know personally prior to an organization-wide communiqué. A lesson learned – communications beforehand would have avoided a lot of hard feelings and stressed relationships.

Make sure to let your boss know at the time of your resignation meeting that your decision is final. A gracefully worded letter will help greatly, but you need to be prepared for "second guessing" and counter-offer discussion(s). This will likely occur – especially if you are a top performer – and the best strategy is to simply re-state the fact that your decision is final and that you will not entertain a counter-offer. Re-state that you (and your husband/wife) have given careful consideration to the decision, money is not a motivating issue, and that your decision is final. Be direct, professional, and concise. There are legions of stories about folks that get "bought off" by accepting a counter-offer -- only to sorely regret it shortly thereafter.

  1. Note and seek immediate closure and confirmation from your boss or Human Resources about unused vacation, or other outstanding benefits payments such as tuition reimbursement, etc.
  2. Do not burn bridges! Make clear that you are extending a two-week notice and that you are committed to making the transition as efficient as possible.
  3. Wherever possible truthfully compliment and thank your boss and/or other appropriate parties.